Quantum Workshop Recordings and Materials

Additional recordings and presentations will be added as permissions are granted.

Greg Byrd
Professor, Associate Department Head
Electrical and Computer Engineering
NC State University
Introduction to Quantum ComputingRecording
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Marco Cerezo
Staff Scientist
Los Alamos National Laboratory
A primer on quantum machine learning, prospects and challengesRecording
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Dominik Hangleiter
Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow
QuICS (University of Maryland & NIST)
Is there an advantage of quantum learning?Recording
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Alicia B. Magann
Truman Fellow
Quantum Algorithms & Applications Collaboratory
Sandia National Laboratories
Feedback-based quantum algorithmsSlide Deck
Richard Padbury
Academic Alliance Manager, Partner Ecosystem
IBM Quantum
Introduction to the IBM Quantum Network and QiskitRecording
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Michael Ragone
PhD Candidate
University of California, Davis
Representation theory for geometric quantum machine learningRecording
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Daiwei Zhu
Senior Application Scientist
Quantum machine learning with ion trap quantum computersRecording
Houlong Zhuang
Assistant Professor
School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
Arizona State University
Materials Design in the Information Age and BeyondRecording
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