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Quantum Initiative

Quantum computing, materials and information science are emerging fields that could change the world, and North Carolina is at the epicenter of this change. At NC State, our faculty are working with industry to bring that quantum future to fruition.

IBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC State

The IBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC State is a center of quantum computing education, research, development and implementation. We work directly with our industry and academic members and IBM to advance quantum computing, as well as interdisciplinary applied research, student development and quantum computing curricula at NC State. Together we are working to solve real-world problems faster and more efficiently than may be possible with a classical computer.

Quantum Computing Club

The mission of NC State’s Quantum Computing Club is to introduce students to the field of quantum computing and provide access to educational and professional developmental resources. Additionally, the club functions as an inclusive learning community for students to build their quantum knowledge and break down barriers when entering the field of quantum information.