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Quantum Seminars

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Triangle Quantum Computing Seminar Series

Seminars held Friday at 2pm ET

1/19Kasra Nowrouzi, Lawrence Berkeley National LabIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateTechnical and Organizational Challenges and Opportunities in Progress of Quantum ComputingRecording
1/26Abhinav Anand, Duke UniversityDuke Quantum CenterHamiltonians, groups, states and circuitsRecording
2/2Santanu Ganguly, Cisco SystemsUNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethinc. LabsImplementing Quantum Generative Adversarial Network (qGAN) and QCBM in FinanceRecording
2/9Ruslan Shaydulin, JP Morgan ChaseUNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethinc. LabsEvidence of Scaling Advantage for the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm on a Classically Intractable ProblemRecording
2/16Kiochi Miyamoto, Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology(QIQB)UNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethinc. LabsOn the bias in iterative quantum amplitude estimationRecording
2/23Andrew Eddins, IBM ResearchDuke Quantum CenterExtending the reach of today's noisy quantum computersRecording
3/1No Seminar
3/8Guoyi Zu, University of CologneIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateRobust Teleportation of a Topological Surface Code Under Coherent ErrorRecording
3/15No Seminar - Spring Break
3/22David Amaro, QuantinuumIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateQuantum Error Correction and Detection at QuantinuumRecording
3/29Margarita Davydova, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Duke Quantum CenterDynamic Codes and Quantum ComputationRecording
4/5No Seminar
4/12Ramin Ayanzadeh, Georgia TechDuke Quantum CenterTrustworthy Quantum Computing: Improving the Reliability and Security of quantum ComputersRecording
4/19Jack Morgan, Kenan Institute of Private EnterpriseUNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethinc. LabsA Enhanced Hybrid HHL AlgorithmRecording

General Seminars

9/1/2023Rebekah HerrmanGraph Theory, optimization and quantum algorithmsRecording
6/23/2022Lincoln CarrQuantum Engineering Opportunities: The National Quantum Initiative and the IBM Quantum Hub at NC StateRecording
4/1/2022Lincoln CarrEntangled quantum cellular automata, physical complexity, and Goldilocks rulesRecording
10/20/2021Mark JacksonAbsolute Security Through Quantum EntanglementRecording

Previous Semesters

9/8Mohannad Ibrahim, Sr Quantum Architect, IntelIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateUtilizing Crosstalk Characterization to Optimize the Performance of Parameterized Quantum CircuitsRecording
9/15Yungyue Zhu, Graduate Student, The University of MarylandDuke Quantum CenterParallel Entangling Gates and Efficient Benchmark on a Trapped-Ion Quantum ComputerRecording
9/22Yu Tong, California Institute of TechnologyDuke Quantum CenterRecent Progress in Hamiltonian Learning
9/29Andrea Delgado, Distinguished Staff Fellow, ORNLIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateCrafting Generative Models & Unraveling High-Energy Physics with Parameterized CircuitsRESCHEDULED
10/6Ed Chen, IBMDuke Quantum CenterRealizing the Nishimori transition at the intersection of quantum error correction and statistical physicsRecording
10/13Andrea Delgado, Distinguished Staff Fellow, ORNLIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateCrafting Generative Models & Unraveling High-Energy Physics with Parameterized CircuitsRecording
10/20Eric Ghysels, Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill
Jack Morgan, Researcher, Rethinc.Labs
IBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateOn Potential Exponential Computational Speed-Ups to Solving Dynamic Asset Pricing ModelsRecording
10/27David Leibrandt, Professor, University of California, Los AngelesDuke Quantum CenterQuantum logic and the search for new physics with atomic and molecular ionsRecording
11/3Mingyu Lee, Junseo Lee, and Myeongjin ShinUNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethic. Labs Mutual Information Maximizing Quantum Generative Adversarial Network and Its Applications in FinanceRecording
11/10Reza Nejabati, Professor, University of BristolIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateThe Art of Possible with Dynamic Quantum Networking: From Scalavle Quantum Security to Quantum Data Centre InterconnectRecording
11/17Pranav Gokhale, VP of Quantum Software, InfleqtionIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateSuperstaq: Deep Optimization of Quantum ProgramsRecording
12/1Swamit Tannu, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison IBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateArchitecting the Present and Future Quantum Computing SystemsRecording
1/6No Speaker
1/13Robert Barr and Colin TroutDuke Quantum CenterDephasing Robust Characterization of Qubit Control Noise" and "Provably Optimal Control for Multiplicative Amplitude Control NoiseRecording
1/20Bing QiIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateTowards Practical Quantum Key DistributionNot Recorded
1/27Sisi ZhouIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateQuantum Error Correction meets Continuous Symmetries: Fundamental trade-offs and case studiesRecording
2/3 Ajit Desai and Danica Marsden UNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethic. Labs Improving the Efficiency of Payments Systems Using Quantum ComputingRecording
2/10Nayeli Rodriguez BrionesIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateEnhanced Heat-Bath Algorithmic CoolingRecording
2/17Loic Henriet UNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethic. Labs Financial Risk Management on a Neutral Atom Quantum ProcessorCancelled
2/24Yiwen Chu UNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethic. Labs Schrödinger Cat States of a 16-microgram Mechanical OscillatorNot Recorded
Slide Deck
3/3Yuan LiuDuke Quantum CenterError Correction of Quantum Algorithms: Arbitrarily Accurate Recovery of Noisy Quantum Signal ProcessingRecording
3/10Jakub SzeferIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateQuantum Computer Architectures and Hardware SecurityRecording
3/27Date Changed for Joint NC State Physics/ Quantum Speaker - Bert deJongIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StatePractical approaches to probing many-body systems with quantum computersRecording
3/31Michael HatridgeIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateParametric controls and modular quantum computing in superconducting quantum circuitsRecording
4/7Lucas LeclercIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateFinancial Risk Management on a Neutral Atom Quantum ProcessorRecording
4/14Lei FengIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateContinuous Symmetry Breaking in a Trapped-Ion Spin ChainRecording
4/21Zheshen ZhangIBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC StateEntanglement - Enhanced Sensing and Data ProcessingRecording
9/9Or Katz of Duke University Duke Quantum CenterProgrammable interactions between spins and bosons in trapped ion systemsRecording
9/16Yufei Ding of UC Santa BarbaraIBM Quantum Hub at NC StateQuantum Computing Systems: Challenges and OpportunitiesRecording
9/23Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, University of Pennsylvania UNC Kenan-Flagler's Rethic. Labs Dynamic Programming on a Quantum Annealer: Solving the RBC ModelRecording
9/30Zohreh Davoudi of University of MarylandIBM Quantum Hub at NC StateSimulations of gauge field theories with quantum toolsRecording
10/7Nick Bronn, Research Staff Member at IBM Quantum in the IBM TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NYIBM Quantum Hub at NC StateOutlook for Quantum Computing with Superconducting QubitsRecording
10/14Arkopal Dutt of MITDuke Quantum CenterOptimal algorithms for learning quantum phase statesRecording
10/21Gavin Jones, Manager, Research Staff Member
Quantum Applications, IBM Quantum
IBM Quantum Technical Ambassador
IBM Research, San Jose, CA
IBM Quantum Hub at NC StateQuantum computing for chemistryRecording
10/28Mike Newman, GoogleIBM Quantum Hub at NC StateSuppressing quantum errors by scaling a surface code logical qubitRecording
11/4Ellis Wilson of NC StateIBM Quantum Hub at NC StateCombining Hard and Soft Constraints in Quantum Constraint-Satisfaction SystemsRecording
11/11CancelledIBM Quantum Hub at NC State
11/18Adam Kaufman Of NIST/ University of ColoradoDuke Quantum CenterQuantum science with microscopically-controlled arrays of alkaline-earth atomsRecording
09/03Josh Combes, University of Colorado, BoulderQuantum computing with rotation-symmetric bosonic codesRecording
09/10Oinam Romesh Meitei, Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGate-free state preparation for fast VQE molecular simulationsRecording
09/17Andrew Houck, Princeton

Circuit QED: From Materials to MathematicsRecording
09/24Craig Gidney, Google AI Quantum Software and the Honeycomb CodeRecording
10/01Fall Break - No Speaker
10/08Rescheduled to 10/29
10/15Franca, CopenhagenTensorsRecording
10/22Hamed Mohammadbagherpoor, NC State Applying QC Optimization AlgorithmsRecording
10/29Layla Hormozi, BNLTopological Quantum Compiling -- an introductionRecording
11/05Tameem Albash, UNMAdiabatic Quantum ComputingRecording
11/12Tilley/Clark/Brown, GTRIOptical GatesRecording
11/19Jonathan King, Atom ComputQuantum Computing with Neutral AtomsRecording
01/29Erik GustafsonMonte Carlo State Preparation in Quantum Computing
02/12Yannick MeuriceTensor Methods in Quantum Computing
02/26Lex KemperMany-Body Thermodynamics on Quantum Computers via Partition Function Zeros
03/05WELLNESS Day No Lunch
03/12No SPEAKER Yet
03/19Prof Milad MarvianQuantum Earth Mover's Distance: A New Approach to Learning Quantum Data
03/26Mekena MetcalfQuantum Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning for Open Quantum System SimulationRecording
04/09Yipeng HuangLogical Abstractions for Noisy Variational Quantum Algorithm SimulationRecording
04/23Travis CuvelierQuantum Coding for Classical Communication
04/30Last Day of Classes Spring
05/07 Exam Week No Lunch